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One Dress, One Girl, One Location. Four Looks, Four Moods, Four Situations.

Multi PS 1 adjusted1 SMALL

656 Photography: Luis Gonzalez
Designer / Stylist:
Kathryn Elizabeth from Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
MUA/Hair: Madame Kate
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Location: Polite Provisions

Bulle Portfolio 2Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: J Bagalso (10032013)

Model: Georgie Santos

Hair / MUA: The Bellus Academy

Rever Portfolio

Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: Allen Davis (09082013)

Model: Lena Moss

MUA: Rachel Gallenberger

Robert Bennett 09132014 Editorial 1 Final small


Photographer: Robert M. Bennett
Assistant Photographer: Jon M. Campbell
Models: Elizabeth GoeddeEllesse Jordan Tzinberg, and Eyga Mojus
MUA: Kelsey Aida Roualdes Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
Designer: Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
Location: The Air Conditioned Lounge

Releasing October, 3th 2013

Get Out.

Clothing designed with a bunch of way’s to get into them, for the girl who has to get out of it. Madame Kate’s Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth’s Spring/Summer 2014 Modular Clothing Line releasing October 3rd 2013, with Fashion Week San Diego at the San Diego Broadway Pier, should quicken the pulse.

Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth offers a single garment to suit many needs. Using strategic shapes, engineered materials, and creative construction techniques, mixed with a supporting background in garment design, melded with science, brings success from ingenuity. Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth represents a perspective. Distinguishing, and durable, the single garment adjusts to other pieces of a wardrobe, redefining itself for other occasions, saving space, hiding stains, and addressing function.

Regularly finding oneself in unforeseen binds,…there is nothing greater then doing “the walk of shame” in a fresh outfit, to vacationing with no luggage.


The Final Thinker

Photographer: Anonymous
Model: Kathryn Elizabeth
Hair / MUA / Stylist: Madame Kate
Location: Cantina Mayahuel (30th & Adams Ave)

Francess Cameo by Kathryn Elizabeth 02202013 TO PRINT

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Model: Frances Reilly
Hair / MUA / Edit: Madame Kate

Wedding Hair 02002013

Photographers: Frances Reilly and Allen Davis
Model: Mariah Lloyd
Make Up: Rachel Gallenberger
Hair: Madame Kate

Paper Dreams
Photographer: Chris Jabbal
Model: Kathryn Elizabeth
Stylist/MUA/Hair: Madame Kate

Photographer: Jack Ciallella

Model / Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Stylist / MUA / Hair: Madame Kate


See the store sign of a renown psychic, once loved for many years. Hidden in the heart of Normal Heights, in some “Townies” over grown yard, a sign of magic.

Photographer: Todd Olivs


Model / Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth

MUA / Hair / Stylist / Edit: Madame Kate