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The Final Thinker

Photographer: Anonymous
Model: Kathryn Elizabeth
Hair / MUA / Stylist: Madame Kate
Location: Cantina Mayahuel (30th & Adams Ave)

Francess Cameo by Kathryn Elizabeth 02202013 TO PRINT

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Model: Frances Reilly
Hair / MUA / Edit: Madame Kate

Wedding Hair 02002013

Photographers: Frances Reilly and Allen Davis
Model: Mariah Lloyd
Make Up: Rachel Gallenberger
Hair: Madame Kate

Paper Dreams
Photographer: Chris Jabbal
Model: Kathryn Elizabeth
Stylist/MUA/Hair: Madame Kate

Photographer: Jack Ciallella

Model / Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Stylist / MUA / Hair: Madame Kate


See the store sign of a renown psychic, once loved for many years. Hidden in the heart of Normal Heights, in some “Townies” over grown yard, a sign of magic.

Photographer: Todd Olivs


Model / Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth

MUA / Hair / Stylist / Edit: Madame Kate

Indian Chest Piece: Made of Bone, Twine, and Silver Beads with Imbedded Mood Rings.

Gothic Camping

Velvet Chaps and Vestlet.

editorial 11290805

Photographer: Adam Rowell with Image Factory West

Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Stylist: Madame Kate

Models: Michael and Vi

Hair: Patrick

Make-up: Jeanette


For the wedding of Starlight and Moussa 05142011