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Design melded with science represents my perspective. Portraying the feelings of who we are, in settings that define a time. With precision I mindfully help others attract the options that open doors of possibilities.

I make this art to showcase what can be really done with today’s technology and education.  To actually achieve the look you are going for from a single directive, eliminating multiple opinions.  I make my art by analyzing what I am given, then tailor details to achieve the desired effect. My art is a form of escapism that further demonstrates a mixture of skills.

Often finding my inspiration from past circumstance, I began creating this way because other’s may have skill at one facet of production, but have lacked vision in other facets. One photographer may be good at lighting, but have no experience at makeup.  This can effect editing as well.

When I create art, my goal is to move you.  I do not care about how fast I get a degree.  I took all the classes, and give you all my experience.

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