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20 days of hairloss

As if the shock of a cancer diagnosis wasn’t enough, abrupt hair loss can mess with your self-esteem and identity just as bad. Many have chosen to wear their hair as they have before diagnosis, and then just buzz it off when it all falls out…of course that’s not what I did.  I put this post here to share another way.
From my perspective, this progressive approach in hair evolution helped me to get used to not having hair. The cold neck, still seeing myself as “sexy”, and feeling confident working with others, needed to be a transition.
From others peering upon me, I would have to say the effects were just as much needed. This transition in hair seems to have removed the fear of others seeing me a sick. My boyfriend got a new girlfriend every 5 days. Co-workers and friends got an eye-full of hair art ramping up into the inevitable. And guess what? Going bald is just another look. Kate = 1, Trauma = 0.
To the people I first cried to, and the hi-fives in the hallway. To my follow co-workers for the diabetic-friendly pot luck, and all the people I’m collaborating with to make art: THANK YOU so much for your support, prayers, stories and advice!!!
I hope this post helps others looking to navigate through uncontrollable side effects such as these.
-eye balled


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