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Photographer: Madame Kate


Taken for The San Diego Photography Collective’s review on a “glass” challenge, inspired by my photographer friend Miguel’s photo’s of “sugar through a microscope”, while my dad was in town (another photographer). Deciding to have a day of lighthouses, we thought there would be more than two in San Diego. Cabrillo National Monument (The Old Point Loma Lighthouse) and Tom Ham’s (a Restaurant) are all to be had. Unable to see the light at Tom Ham’s, Cabrillo National Monument speaks volumes on glass.  The science of light reflecting in lead glass to lead boats has been replaced by acrylic. The old lighthouse light preserved, photographed on a overcast day, makes rainbows. I played hooky.

The review of these photos at the MOPA meeting was solely to work on my clarity.  Cohorts advised that clarity may not be needed in abstract works of art. The old lighthouse light is encased with acrylic so they can preserve the history longer. So, to achieve these photos I had to use a telephoto lens like it was a microscope.

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