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Photographer / Model / MUA / Hair / Stylist / Editor: Kathryn Elizabeth


Amy Karle is an artist and designer who uses the mind, body, science and technology to create her work. Examining both material and ethereal aspects of life, Karle’s work taps concepts of what it means to be human and in this body, expressing internal experiences in visual forms; in turn her garments inform an internal experiences of how we feel about ourselves and in our body. In this short video she speaks about her motivations, process and vision in creating “Internal Collection” garments based on anatomy.

In a dream of anatomical overlays, Artist Amy Karle switches up conventions about the body and beauty by showing representations of internal systems in external wearable form. Considering identity through the body and healing and augmenting the body, the garments were created by hand and digital manufacturing technologies. Each garment is based on a different aspect of the body (ligaments, lungs, cardiovascular system,  nervous system). By depicting designs inspired by our internal systems, this work communicates that when we share our likeness and what is going on inside of us, it offers an opportunity for finding beauty within ourselves and connection with others.

DIRECTOR, EDITOR Charlie Nordstrom

GARMENTS BY AMY KARLE “Internal Collection”, 2016-2017

Kevin Lim

Tara Thompson
Victoria Lozada
Michelle Sandoval
Kathryn Elizabeth

Nikeshia Blount
Whitney Renee
Hair Stylists
Madai Jamiez
Janene Dorsett

SHOES by United Nude

Christyl O’Flaherty
Urban Bio Systems

Andrea Edited for Media

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Model: Andrea Davis

Body Paint/MUA/Hair: Kathryn Elizabeth


“How Sweet It Is” for The San Diego County Fair 2018

(Corsets are Edible)

Ghadir from Allen's Camera Edited by Kate

Photographer: Allen Davis

Model: Ghadir Mounib

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

Kathy Cameron and Ghadir from Kate's Cell PhonePhotographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Models: Ghadir Mounib and Kathy Cameron

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

Kathy Cameron from Kate's Cell Phone

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Models: Kathy Cameron

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

27867253_10156261616024040_1673392635342901460_nModel: Kathy Cameron

Photographer: Thom Vollenweider

MUA/Hair: Kathryn Elizabeth



Model: Kathy Cameron

MUA: Kathryn Elizabeth


Current Work 11122013

656 Photography: Luis Gonzalez
Designer / Stylist:
Kathryn Elizabeth from Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
MUA/Hair: Madame Kate
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Location: Polite Provisions

One Dress, One Girl, One Location. Four Looks, Four Moods, Four Situations.

Multi PS 1 adjusted1 SMALL

656 Photography: Luis Gonzalez
Designer / Stylist:
Kathryn Elizabeth from Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
MUA/Hair: Madame Kate
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Location: Polite Provisions

Bulle Portfolio 2Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: J Bagalso (10032013)

Model: Georgie Santos

Hair / MUA: The Bellus Academy

Rever Portfolio

Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: Allen Davis (09082013)

Model: Lena Moss

MUA: Rachel Gallenberger

Robert Bennett 09132014 Editorial 1 Final small


Photographer: Robert M. Bennett
Assistant Photographer: Jon M. Campbell
Models: Elizabeth GoeddeEllesse Jordan Tzinberg, and Eyga Mojus
MUA: Kelsey Aida Roualdes Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
Designer: Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
Location: The Air Conditioned Lounge

Releasing October, 3th 2013

Get Out.

Clothing designed with a bunch of way’s to get into them, for the girl who has to get out of it. Madame Kate’s Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth’s Spring/Summer 2014 Modular Clothing Line releasing October 3rd 2013, with Fashion Week San Diego at the San Diego Broadway Pier, should quicken the pulse.

Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth offers a single garment to suit many needs. Using strategic shapes, engineered materials, and creative construction techniques, mixed with a supporting background in garment design, melded with science, brings success from ingenuity. Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth represents a perspective. Distinguishing, and durable, the single garment adjusts to other pieces of a wardrobe, redefining itself for other occasions, saving space, hiding stains, and addressing function.

Regularly finding oneself in unforeseen binds,…there is nothing greater then doing “the walk of shame” in a fresh outfit, to vacationing with no luggage.