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This year I had the greatest pleasure of teaming up once again, with one of my most beloved friends, Mrs. Janessa of the Granite Hills High School Drama Department. Previous cast mates of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (c.1997-?) we would often deliberate over costumes….and I would have to say she was the best “Frank” if I ever saw one as well.  Now that she’s teaching at my old high school, it’s like double flash back.

This time teaming up to work on the wigs for Hairspray, during a time when I can’t grow hair myself, I could not have had more fun.




20 days of hairloss

As if the shock of a cancer diagnosis wasn’t enough, abrupt hair loss can mess with your self-esteem and identity just as bad. Many have chosen to wear their hair as they have before diagnosis, and then just buzz it off when it all falls out…of course that’s not what I did.  I put this post here to share another way.
From my perspective, this progressive approach in hair evolution helped me to get used to not having hair. The cold neck, still seeing myself as “sexy”, and feeling confident working with others, needed to be a transition.
From others peering upon me, I would have to say the effects were just as much needed. This transition in hair seems to have removed the fear of others seeing me a sick. My boyfriend got a new girlfriend every 5 days. Co-workers and friends got an eye-full of hair art ramping up into the inevitable. And guess what? Going bald is just another look. Kate = 1, Trauma = 0.
To the people I first cried to, and the hi-fives in the hallway. To my follow co-workers for the diabetic-friendly pot luck, and all the people I’m collaborating with to make art: THANK YOU so much for your support, prayers, stories and advice!!!
I hope this post helps others looking to navigate through uncontrollable side effects such as these.
-eye balled


Photographer: Madame Kate


Taken for The San Diego Photography Collective’s review on a “glass” challenge, inspired by my photographer friend Miguel’s photo’s of “sugar through a microscope”, while my dad was in town (another photographer). Deciding to have a day of lighthouses, we thought there would be more than two in San Diego. Cabrillo National Monument (The Old Point Loma Lighthouse) and Tom Ham’s (a Restaurant) are all to be had. Unable to see the light at Tom Ham’s, Cabrillo National Monument speaks volumes on glass.  The science of light reflecting in lead glass to lead boats has been replaced by acrylic. The old lighthouse light preserved, photographed on a overcast day, makes rainbows. I played hooky.

The review of these photos at the MOPA meeting was solely to work on my clarity.  Cohorts advised that clarity may not be needed in abstract works of art. The old lighthouse light is encased with acrylic so they can preserve the history longer. So, to achieve these photos I had to use a telephoto lens like it was a microscope.

Truly truly outragious earrings 05282016 Expressions Unlimited-2

Photographer: Anjel-Britt of Expressions Unlimited

Designer / MUA / Hair: Madame Kate

Model: Kathryn Elizabeth

Location: Wonderland Studio’s


Earrings available now. Product images on the way. The body suit is now part of my private collection. Although I did my hair green to wear with Jem’s earrings for a Purple Rain tribute, I think Price would still be proud.  ~R.I.P.

Brother and Sister

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Location: Rose Creek Cottage, San Diego, CA

Revyn and Reba

Current Work 11122013

656 Photography: Luis Gonzalez
Designer / Stylist:
Kathryn Elizabeth from Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
MUA/Hair: Madame Kate
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Location: Polite Provisions

One Dress, One Girl, One Location. Four Looks, Four Moods, Four Situations.

Multi PS 1 adjusted1 SMALL

656 Photography: Luis Gonzalez
Designer / Stylist:
Kathryn Elizabeth from Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
MUA/Hair: Madame Kate
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Location: Polite Provisions

Bulle Portfolio 2Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: J Bagalso (10032013)

Model: Georgie Santos

Hair / MUA: The Bellus Academy

Rever Portfolio

Concept Sketch / Flats: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photography: Allen Davis (09082013)

Model: Lena Moss

MUA: Rachel Gallenberger

Robert Bennett 09132014 Editorial 1 Final small


Photographer: Robert M. Bennett
Assistant Photographer: Jon M. Campbell
Models: Elizabeth GoeddeEllesse Jordan Tzinberg, and Eyga Mojus
MUA: Kelsey Aida Roualdes Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
Designer: Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth
Location: The Air Conditioned Lounge

Releasing October, 3th 2013

Get Out.

Clothing designed with a bunch of way’s to get into them, for the girl who has to get out of it. Madame Kate’s Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth’s Spring/Summer 2014 Modular Clothing Line releasing October 3rd 2013, with Fashion Week San Diego at the San Diego Broadway Pier, should quicken the pulse.

Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth offers a single garment to suit many needs. Using strategic shapes, engineered materials, and creative construction techniques, mixed with a supporting background in garment design, melded with science, brings success from ingenuity. Collections of Kathryn Elizabeth represents a perspective. Distinguishing, and durable, the single garment adjusts to other pieces of a wardrobe, redefining itself for other occasions, saving space, hiding stains, and addressing function.

Regularly finding oneself in unforeseen binds,…there is nothing greater then doing “the walk of shame” in a fresh outfit, to vacationing with no luggage.