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My final is about a journey learning a new skill set. 

I’ve been going to Bombay Beach since lockdown just to get out. Starting this final back in April with the intention of exploring composite, I required a massive intake of art.  Some of the images that I mixed with the photos for this class are from previous desert trips, some from other vacations, some of the other art is illustrations, but every composite has an image I took for this class.  I am trying everything.

I did not choose to submit depth of field examples, as the display of composition comes from the composite itself, but I did try and make a night photo out of an image shot during the day.

I do have 2 websites, but chose to submit blog style, so I can walk you through this journey.

I found it important to share some images only slightly edited to show what I can do just right out of the camera.

The Flamingo with Jeane Monroe
Barn Wedding with Jeane Monroe

At some point I discovered compositing apps, and found them very fun but limiting, as I am stuck with whatever art the app gives me to play with.

This is where the story begins.

Below you will find the original, then the in-app cellphone edit (which cannot be enlarged to the print size I want), followed by an edit I tried to do myself in Photoshop using a licensed illustration I paid for from Adobe Stock. This exercise gave me scope. The composite apps helped with vision, but proper licensing is important too.

Jeane Monroe as the Peacock

The Cell Phone Composite
My first attempt at composite with just Photoshop

I originally did 3 photos composited with Illustrations to complete the set that goes with the Peacock image above.

Bewitched with Jeane Monroe
Bewitched with Jeane Monroe – Revisited
The Flower Dress with Jeane Monroe – Original
The Flower Dress with Jeane Monroe – Revisited

After the above 3 photo/illustration composites, I had the honor of becoming friend on social media with the teacher. I also did some extra credit composites as well….there was a comment or a tone where it sounded like the work would have been more impressive if I composited without the cellphone app, and using all my own work. I took it as a challenge and started reworking some of what I had.

I also wanted to see how studio portraits would composite, as I hear the blend in lighting could be difficult.

Small Flowers with Andrea Davis
Merged with a scorpion image I took for Photo100 on a Canon AE1
White Paper Dress with Andrea Davis
Merged with a image from the V&A museum from a vacation in 2017.
Paper Flower Dress with Andrea Davis
Merged with another image from 2017

And finally, the images below show going from twilight into night in the composite. I was making a Christmas card.

Christmas with Jeane Monroe
Merged with a image from 2019.

These are not perfect, but they make me proud.  The amount I learned was immense and I know where I want to keep going.  I thought I was going to be able to submit early, and it’s 2 hours till due and I am still watching youtube videos.  

Thank you again for a fabulous semester!

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Models: Raven Lynette, Andrea Davis, and Anthony Reyes

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Model: Andrea Davis
Fight at the Grocery Store
First Responders
Home Life
Pool of TP
Video Conference

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

October 7, 2019 – Shot on Film
Model: Carla Nicholson
Location: Weeses Pieces Studio
Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Amy Karle is an artist and designer who uses the mind, body, science and technology to create her work. Examining both material and ethereal aspects of life, Karle’s work taps concepts of what it means to be human and in this body, expressing internal experiences in visual forms; in turn her garments inform an internal experiences of how we feel about ourselves and in our body. In this short video she speaks about her motivations, process and vision in creating “Internal Collection” garments based on anatomy.

In a dream of anatomical overlays, Artist Amy Karle switches up conventions about the body and beauty by showing representations of internal systems in external wearable form. Considering identity through the body and healing and augmenting the body, the garments were created by hand and digital manufacturing technologies. Each garment is based on a different aspect of the body (ligaments, lungs, cardiovascular system,  nervous system). By depicting designs inspired by our internal systems, this work communicates that when we share our likeness and what is going on inside of us, it offers an opportunity for finding beauty within ourselves and connection with others.

DIRECTOR, EDITOR Charlie Nordstrom

GARMENTS BY AMY KARLE “Internal Collection”, 2016-2017

Kevin Lim

Tara Thompson
Victoria Lozada
Michelle Sandoval
Kathryn Elizabeth

Nikeshia Blount
Whitney Renee
Hair Stylists
Madai Jamiez
Janene Dorsett

SHOES by United Nude

Christyl O’Flaherty
Urban Bio Systems

Andrea Edited for Media

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Model: Andrea Davis

Body Paint/MUA/Hair: Kathryn Elizabeth


“How Sweet It Is” for The San Diego County Fair 2018

(Corsets are Edible)

Ghadir from Allen's Camera Edited by Kate

Photographer: Allen Davis

Model: Ghadir Mounib

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

Kathy Cameron and Ghadir from Kate's Cell PhonePhotographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Models: Ghadir Mounib and Kathy Cameron

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

Kathy Cameron from Kate's Cell Phone

Photographer: Kathryn Elizabeth

Models: Kathy Cameron

Design/MUA/Hair/Edit: Kathryn Elizabeth

Photographer: Robert Bennett
Models: Elizabeth Goedde, Ellesse Jordan Tzinberg, and Eyga Mojus
MUA: Kelsey Aida Roualdes
Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Location: Air Conditioned Lounge
Featured October 4, 2013

Photographer: Luis Gonzalez of 656 Photography
Model: Zoe Tantrum
Designer/MUAH: Kathryn Elizabeth
Location: Polite Provisions
Featured October 4, 2013